🏈🏀 We Are Sports Dorks (A Manifesto) 🏈🏀

Who are sports dorks

A sports dork is someone who lives and breathes sports. Someone who forgets their best friends phone number but knows how many points LeBron James averaged when he was a rookie.

They’re the type who falls down the Wikipedia or YouTube ‘black hole’ and ends up spending hours reading about clubs they’ve never heard of in a sport they don’t even watch.

A sports dork can be anybody. It can be your next-door neighbor, your stepmother, or your best friend from school.

Whoever they are, they understand that following sports is a real-life drama. There is no better drama than that in a competition.  

Every time you catch a train or are in an elevator, you may have a sports nerd with you. The thing is… you’ll never know. 

A blog for hardly anyone… 

It is true; this isn’t a site created for the masses, far from it. 

Sports4Dorks was made for the smallest of the small groups. People who do the following: 

🏈 Your ears prick up when you see someone talking about a sports documentary

🏈 You’ve read Moneyball and don’t even like baseball

🏈Spending an afternoon playing an NBA simulation board game from 1994 sounds like a great afternoon

🏈Your fantasy football team is analyzed more than most “real-life” teams (whatever that means)

🏈Minutes turn into hours looking at statistic websites

🏈You’ve seen every sports documentary on Netflix… twice

This group of people is weird. They’re a dedicated group that is happy to be in the minority. 

They’re, well, dorky… They’re people like us.

We offer information, reviews, tips and tricks on everything dorky in sports.


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